The Constitution of the Association of Arab-American University Students

1. The goals and purposes of the orgaization:
The dissemination of accurate scientific, cultural and educational information about the Arab world; the establishment of links of mutual understanding and respect between the American and Arab people.
2. How the group intends to carry out these goals and purposes at Wayne State:
By the use of showcases, lectures, workshops and social events.
3. Is the oranization an affiliate with any national, regional or local oranization?
4. (Notes messege for co-chairpersons.)

5. Requirements for membership:

Membership is open to all persons interested in furthering the aims of the Association.
6. 80% of the membership must be registered students of Wayne State University.

7. Officers and their duties:

I. Co-chairperson- Finance and Fundraising committe; duties include overviewing fundraisers, establishing account and keeping financial records.
II. Co-chairperson- Public Relations committee; duties include supervising members of the committee and taking charge of advertising events.
II. Co-chairperson- Social Planning committee; duties include supervising members fo the committee in their planning of social events.
IV. Co-chairperson- Scheduling and Editorial committee; Supervising the scheduling of events and informing members about them, as well as researching and editing publications.
V. Chairperson- duties include calling and chairing meetings as well as supervising co-chairpersons.

8. Only currently enrolled Wayne State University Students are eliible to be officers.

9. Eligibility requirements or qualifications necessary to run for office:

Any active member who attends meetings regularly is eligible to run for office.
10. Method of nominating and electing new officers:
A member can nominate him or herself as well as be nominated by other members. Election is by majority vote (51%) with all members present. Nomination is taken from the floor. Voting is by secret ballot.
11. Method of replacing officers during their term of office
same as above. Elections are held during regular meetings.
12. Time of year for election of officers
Spring of every year.
13. Number of members and officers necessary to constitute a quorum in order to conduct legal membership meetings, committee meetings, etc.
100% of officers unless emergency requires absence of one of them then 75% of officers must be present. 75% of members should be present for a legal meeting.

14. Method of conducting meetings:

15. Method for members not officers to call emergency meetings or special events:
Any 4 members can call an emergency meeting or special event with the approval of one of the officers.
16. Officer responsible for informing membership of emergency or special meetings:
17. Method of informing membership of emergency special meetings
By telephone.
18. Day and time for regular membership meetings
Friday or Wednesday at 5:30
19. Membership dues:
20. Amendments can be done at the request of any member provided 51% of all members vote for passage. Amendments have to be presented in writing to be voted on at regular business meeting.