Aerial view of Campus

Wayne State University is a comprehensive university. There are 15 colleges and schools. It offers 355 major subject areas, 128 bachelor, 136 master, and 61 different doctoral degrees plus 30 different certificate, specialist and professional programs. There are nealy 200,000 alumni of Wayne State, many of whom have assumed leadership positions in the communities of southeastern Michigan. Many successful doctors and health care professionals, lawyers, engineers, educators, business executives and managers, civic leaders, and community members obtained their education at WSU.

In 1994, WSU brought the total number of Carnegie "Research 1 universities" to 88. Of the 3,600 accredited universities in the U.S., this select group offers a broad rane of baccalaureate programs while demonstrating a commitment to graduate education and a significant capacity for research.

WSU is located in the heart of the Cultral Center. The Detroit Institute of the Arts, Detroit Historical Museum, Detroit Sceience Center, Museum of African American History and the main branch of the Detroit Public Library are all within easy walking distance.

The WSU main campus encompasses 203 acres of beautifully landscaped walkways and atherin spots linking 94 education and research buildings of both contemporary and classic design. WSU's extension centers, located in high-growth areas of the metropolitan area, provide convenient access to a wide selection of courses.

-This was coped from http://wayne.edu/about_wayne2.html
For more information please viste WSU's home page at www.wayne.edu


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