Association of Arab-American University Students

~~~~~~~~~OUR MISSION:

The AAAUS (Association of Arab-American University Students) is a Wayne State University student organization that was initiated for the purpose of disseminating accurate cultural, scientific, and educational facts about the Arab world. With this objective, this association hopes to establish relations of mutual understanding and respect between Arabs and people of non-Arab descent. 

Our hopes in establishing this organization is to offer a link between all students to learn about each others cultures and believes by allowing them to interact with each other and hopefully gain a great deal of respect for one another. We intend on carrying out this mission by providing members and non-members of this organization an opportunity to access information on the Arab world. Through the use of public displays, lectures, workshops, social events and any other way possible for this organization to able us to achieve these goals.

This organization has been able to acquire a great deal of support from valued and open-minded students of Wayne State University and other educational institutes. Let me assure you that this association has members and officers who are dedicated to accomplish all goals and have the will to face the many challenging responsibilities that come with such a task.